(14th July, 11AM) Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy @letteringinphosphenes

(14th July, 11AM) Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy @letteringinphosphenes



Duration: 3 hours
Teacher: Rachel Koh - See our Calligrapher's profile and Instagram here

14th July
11 AM - 2PM


The White Space

19B Keong Saik Road (Third Floor) S(089126)

Nearest MRT: Outram Park


Rachel @LetteringInPhosphenes is the Scribblers Collective's resident modern calligrapher and watercolourist. She is one of the most versatile modern calligraphers in Singapore, being adept in multiple variants of the script. Her recent notable works includes participation in styled shoot with vendors in the wedding industry to an artwork display for Singapore's Estée Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2017


Traditional Calligraphy has gone through many changes and we’ve seen countless variations over the years. In recent years, Modern calligraphy styles has been making it rounds with more people jumping on the Calligraphy bandwagon because of it.

In our revamped workshop series, our Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy will walk you through a few selected pointed pen calligraphy styles and understand some basic fundamentals that’ll allow you to create a variety of modern styles. Starting with knowing your tools, materials and proper writing posture to help you achieve beautiful writing, you will learn throughout the lessons how to use the calligraphy tools to form basic strokes, letters and words. If time permits, the instructor will also go through some basic layout and planning tips for writing quotes.

MATERIALS (Take-home)

3 hours of fully guided calligraphy lessons

1x G nib

1x Intermediate nib

1x full pan finetec metallic watercolour

1x 2-in-1 Calligraphy Holder (Oblique & straight interchangeable)

1x Botlle of black calligraphy ink

Class Notes (1 set)

Class Practice Sheets (1 set)

Scribblers Collective practice sheets

1x Calligraphy practice pad

1x Calligraphy exemplar

1x Watercolour card (handpainted by instructor)

Light refreshments will be provided during the class

*type of intermediate nib subject to availability

Practice with us after class! - Bring your Own Materials

Calligraphy learning and practise is more than just a 3-hour affair. In the efforts to encourage continuing education/practice and a learning community, we have a series of bi-monthly clinic session where you get to sit in and practice with us.

All our past workshop students get a complimentary access to our 2-hour clinic/art-jam session (U.P. $20). If you are our past student and did not receive a access code, you’re likely not on our current list. Drop us an email at workshops@sc.sg and we will get in touch with you soon!

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