Lettering Composition Workshop (Using the Composition Ruler) by Nico Ng

Lettering Composition Workshop (Using the Composition Ruler) by Nico Ng




Duration: 4 hours
Teacher: Nico Ng - See our Artist’s profile and Instagram here


5th October
2PM - 6PM (4 hours)


Holland Village Area (Venue will be disclosed to students only)


Nico Ng (@nic_the_) is a hand-lettering artist & creative entrepreneur based in the Philippines. He is the man behind the Composition Ruler, a popular lettering tool that helps one create lettering layouts easily and accurately. Nico is one of Tombow Philippines' artists and has done talks, demos, events, and workshops both in the Philippines and worldwide.


This advanced workshop is for those who want to up their lettering composition game to a whole new level. In this workshop, you will learn the complete process on how to plan and create a stunning and well-balanced lettering composition.

Workshop Output

You will create a lettering composition masterpiece using the Composition Ruler.

Workshop Requirement

  • Basic experience in Lettering or Brush Calligraphy

  • A quote to letter for the workshop (limit to 6 to 10 words)

Workshop Outline

  • Dissecting your Quote

    Analyze and divide your quote into word groups

  • Hierarchy of Words
    Assign hierarchy to your word blocks (letter size, weight, and style)

  • Lettering Styles
    hoose and practice lettering styles for emphasized words and for supporting words

  • Layout Shapes
    Choose and arrange shapes to create layout options

  • Lettering Composition
    Use the Composition Ruler to draw guides and lettering the quote

  • Layout Decorations
    Adding decorations to your final lettering work

MATERIALS (Take-home)

  • Brush Letting Composition Workbook by Nico Ng

  • 3” Composition Ruler

  • Blank A4 sheets

  • 1 x Uni Pin Fine Line Pen 0.2

  • 1 x Uni Pin Fine Line Pen 0.5

  • 1 x Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip

  • 1 x Pencil

  • 1 x Eraser

    *Note: Specific product brands are subject to availability, In the situation where the item from a specific brand is out of stock, we will get a similar product from a different stationery brand as replacement. This will not affect your learning experience

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