Improving your Brush Calligraphy Workshop (How to Practice Effectively)

Improving your Brush Calligraphy Workshop (How to Practice Effectively)




Duration: 3 hours
Teacher: Nico Ng - See our Artist’s profile and Instagram here


5th October
10AM- 1PM (3 hours)


Holland Village Area (Venue will be disclosed to students only)


Nico Ng (@nic_the_) is a hand-lettering artist & creative entrepreneur based in the Philippines. He is the man behind the Composition Ruler, a popular lettering tool that helps one create lettering layouts easily and accurately. Nico is one of Tombow Philippines' artists and has done talks, demos, events, and workshops both in the Philippines and worldwide.


Everyone talks about how important practice is, but rarely shows you how to properly practice. Learn the steps on how to effectively practice your brush calligraphy that guarantees results!

In this interactive workshop, you learn more about the characteristics of a quality brush calligraphy work. The exercises of this workshop will help you develop your attention to details by learning how to spot and correct the inconsistencies in your work.

Workshop Output

Participants will improve their brush calligraphy skills at the end of this coaching-type workshop and will learn how to keep on improving on their own.

Workshop Outline

  • Effective Practice vs. Repetitive Practice

  • Learn how effective practice guarantees results

  • Eye for Details & Consistency Training
    Develop your attention to detail and consistency

  • Know your Tools
    Know the right tools and materials for the right job

  • CritiquingYourWork
    Step-by-step guide on how to spot your mistakes

  • Effective Practice
    Practice to correct and improve the quality of your work

MATERIALS (Take-home)

  • Improving Your Brush Calligraphy Handouts by Nico Ng

  • Printed PracticeSheets

  • 1 x Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip

  • 1 x Tombow ABT Brush Pen

  • 1 x Pencil

  • 1 x Eraser

    *Note: Specific product brands are subject to availability, In the situation where the item from a specific brand is out of stock, we will get a similar product from a different stationery brand as replacement. This will not affect your learning experience

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