Calligraphy Exemplar: Modern Calligraphy (Rachel Koh @letteringinphosphenes)

Calligraphy Exemplar: Modern Calligraphy (Rachel Koh @letteringinphosphenes)


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Pointed-pen calligraphy Exemplar

This exemplar was created by:

Scribblers Collective & Rachel Koh (@letteringinphosphenes)

About the Artist:

Rachel Koh (@letteringinphosphenes)

This exemplar contains the following:

  • A single exemplar, written by Rachel Koh (@letteringinphosphenes) in a Modern Calligraphy hand

  • Exemplar is written at 5 mm x-height, 3:2:3 proportion, 55 degree slant

Suitable for:

  • Modern Calligraphy


This exemplar showcases a Modern Calligraphy Hand. This exemplar should be referenced but not treated as the source of truth and knowledge, as it may encompass some unique traits of the artist.

Usage guide:

Print, hang on wall, enjoy/reference.


We have developed and produced this exemplar free-of-charge to you.

You may use these guide-sheets for your own personal practise, or in non-profit cases such as calligraphy-jams, outreach programs.

These guide-sheets must not be used in commercial cases where there is profit, such as in workshops. We would also appreciate if you did not remove our branding / logos.

Printing instructions:

Please print without margins for actual size. If printed with margins, the x-height may vary slightly.

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