Calligraphy Exemplar: Copperplate (Charlotte @charlartscript)

Calligraphy Exemplar: Copperplate (Charlotte @charlartscript)


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Pointed-pen calligraphy Exemplar

This exemplar was created by:

Scribblers Collective & Charlotte Xu @charlartscript

About the Artist:

Charlotte Xu (@charlartscript)

Charlotte Xu is a calligrapher based in Melbourne Australia. Her calligraphy style centres around classical Copperplate and Spencerian script. Today, she combines her eye for modern minimalistic style with her traditional hand to create elegant bespoke stationeries and artworks for private weddings, corporate events and more.

Charlotte also heads Scribblers Collective Australia.

This exemplar contains the following:

  • A single exemplar, written by Charlotte Xu (@charlartscript) in the Copperplate script

  • Exemplar is written at 5 mm x-height, 2:1:2 proportion, 55 degree slant

Suitable for:

  • Generic Copperplate


This exemplar is strictly for Copperplate. Do not use for other scripts (including Engrosser’s). This exemplar should be referenced but not treated as the source of truth and knowledge, as it may encompass some unique traits of the artist.

Usage guide:

Print, hang on wall, enjoy.

Seriously though, this exemplar is just an example of how English Roundhand is written by Yakiujohn.


We have developed and produced this exemplar free-of-charge to you.

You may use these guide-sheets for your own personal practise, or in non-profit cases such as calligraphy-jams, outreach programs.

These guide-sheets must not be used in commercial cases where there is profit, such as in workshops. We would also appreciate if you did not remove our branding / logos.

Printing instructions:

Please print without margins for actual size. If printed with margins, the x-height may vary slightly.

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